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Troop History

Here is a brief explanation of the Troop logo design:

The Native Americans were known as the Delaware Tribe and were under protection of the Iroquois Nation. The lived in huts or cabinsĀ  made of wood with thatched roofs. In winter months they wore capes made of buckskin over shoulders to keep warm. The area was almost woodland. The Lenni Lenape occupied a town called Kus-Kus-Ke and their cheif was King Beaver. He ruled with an iron hand but was a good and understanding cheif.

The logo is shaped like a cape. The background represents the forest and the tan border is the color of buckskin. The words at the top of the logo means New Castle Town. The three white dots represent the three points of the Scout Oath. The tree of life and the cross represent the church. The two crooked blue lines represent the Shenango River and Neshannock Creek. The Black line is the original county line. The red keystone is our state symbol.

Troop Logo

The troop logo was oringally designed in the 1960s as a patch. The design and history were created through the efforts of Everett McConnel, Edward A. Beckman, Harold l. Ramsey.

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